For Hospitals, Building Lifts & Cafterias 

 What Raypure CDS does

 Raypure CDS integrates the normal Light fixtures with selected proven VIRICIDAL &  BACTERICIDAL spectrum. It doubles as your Room Light.

  1. Disinfects a ICU or OT or Waiting Halls in Hospitals where patients keep carrying-in various types of Viral & Pathogen Infections.

  2. Disinfects the Lifts which carry strangers including the couriers, vendors and visitors as well as your co-residents/ corporates. 

  3. Disinfects a cafeteria, an environment often at risk of spreading foodborne infections, such as Salmonella, Staphylococus and E. coli etc

  4. More Importantly, Raypure CDS works round the clock to bring down the cases of the Hospital Acquired Infections ( HAI)  in the patient rooms, ICUs and  Surgical Site Infections ( SSI) in Operation theater.

  5. Raypure CDS Light kills Bacteria, Fungus and Mold, as also the dreaded SARS-CoV-2 virus , Verified and tested in India as well as abroad. Its based on well researched studies by the scientific community and published and approved by peers. ( see the reports below)

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        LCIL, as INDIA's SOLE producer of LEDs (since 35yrs), backed by the quest for innovation, have deviced a unique LED spectrum in  Raypure CDS for proven Viricidal & Bactericidal  effectiveness. Its  backed by international research studies and now validated by best Bio-labs in your City.

 Raypure CDS is a game-changer tech that keeps the environment well sanitized at any point in time, just by flip of a light swtch !

 Raypure CDS is non-messy, chemical-free, consumable-free, not-needing-labour, and has no recurring costs.

 Raypure CDS is easy to install ... simply replace Light Fixture of same wattage.

 Raypure CDS disinfection is zero cost of ownership & generates perpetual savings.

 Raypure CDS is at work round-the-clock as Anti-Viral , Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Guard to every Hospital ICU, OT, Lobby, Clinic, Lift, Office & Home.


Raypure is the product of 30 years of experience in LED Industry, from the Pioneers , the First & Sole producer of LEDs in India.

We understand how to elevate the LEDs life from under 1year to 3~5 years with guarantee. 

We understand the thermal management, Heat is the critical enemy of the LEDs and we enhance the life of the LEDs through limiting the  drive current of the LEDs to that's far far lower than the industry norm.


All because, we are proud of our legacy, proud of our technology gained with 35years of experience and passionate upgradation of domain knowledge from around the world,  

Models n Ratings



The Raypure Disinfection systems come in various convenient physical formats & electrical ratings, suitable for, say,  Large Hospital that needs the built in integrated controls, and floor, hall levelApp or a  Simple to operate model for Doctors consulting Room environment or Lifts in Highrise Buildings. 

What ever the size, shape or the budget we can deliver the complexity or simplicity to ensure better disinfection and continuous overall Sterile environment. 



The Raypure CDS Non-UV continuous Disinfection System Lights were Installed in Satvaayush Technologies Kolhapur/Hyderabad.

The Baseline microbial load in air was collected in a Cell culture Dish with an exposure time of 30 minutes.  The Raypure30 Was put ON for 1 hour. the air microbial load sample was collected over 30 minutes of exposure. The Microbial load reduced by 78% in one hour from 32CFU/plate  to 6CFU/plate