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 RAYPURE is the only CCMB certified INDOOR LIGHTING that Sanitizes COVID Virus & Infectious Bacteria

Raypure is India's first NON-UV Disinfection Indoor Light. Certified Human-Safe neither Cancerous nor Toxic.

Raypure Light  is the World's only CERTIFIED AIR PURIFIER  that has No noise, No moving parts, No clogged filters to replace, No labour to operate and no restrictions on use, in other words, Raypure is THE SIMPLEST equipment to destroy Airborne Infectious Microbials Virus & Fungus.  Raypure Light is   ... Sterilisation at its SIMPLEST. Raypure eliminates all kinds Hassles in the Function of Sanitization & Decontamination

 Raypure Light  contains AntiBacteria Blue Rays  with POWER to kill the MICROBIALs.

 Raypure Light  is tested by CCMB, clearly demonstrating the POWER to kill the Dreaded Corona Virus, Sars Cov-2.

Center for Cellular & Molecular Biology exposed 10 samples of Covid19 Virus, to Raypure Light irradiance. The results show that within 15 minutes 45% Covid19 Virus was destroyed & 95% in 60 minutes. 

Raypure Light's  is an environmental disinfection device that is integrated into your lighting.

  1. Raypure Light   Disinfects a ICU or OT or Waiting Halls in Hospitals where infected patients keep carrying-in various types of Viral & Pathogen.

  2. Raypure Light Sanitizes the Lifts which carry strangers including the couriers, vendors and visitors as well as your co-residents/ corporates. 

  3. Raypure Light   Disinfects a cafeteria, an environment often at risk of spreading foodborne infections, such as Salmonella, Staphylococus and E. coli etc

 ​Raypure CDS works round the clock to bring down the cases of the Hospital Acquired Infections ( HAI)  in  ICUs and the Surgical Site Infections ( SSI) in Operation theater. 

 Indian ICMR approved CSIR-CCMB lab has tested Raypure non-UV light, recording a viral reduction of 45% in 15 mins, and 98% in 60 mins. 

While the anti-bacterial property is simple to verify with settle plate method on media plates, and has shown microbial reduction of 60% to 80%, in varying locations & varying congestion. 
Raypure is state of art invention for in-situ, dynamic, perpetual mode of disinfection process, available 24 hours daily, all through the year. It’s user- friendly needing just a flick of a switch. 


We can support anti-bacterial field tests in your establishments-be it at Hospitals, Pharma CleanRooms, Schools, Crowded Restaurants, Lodgings, Residential and Commercial tenements.

The Virucidal & Germicidal Power  technology is Blended with your indoor lighting. 


Raypure-Designed for Real Long Life

Raypure is the product of  30 years of our expertise in LED Industry, we being the Pioneers, the First & Sole producer of LEDs in India.

We understand & implemented how to elevate LEDs life to 5+ years with guarantee, from Market norm of 1 year.

We understand the thermal management, heat being critical enemy of the LEDs. We enhanced the life of the LEDs through limiting the current of the LEDs to that is far far lower than the industry norm.

Models & Ratings



The Raypure Disinfection systems come in various convenient physical formats & electrical ratings, suitable for, say,  Large Hospital that needs the built in integrated controls, cluster level app or a  Simple to operate model for Doctors consulting Room environment or Lifts in Highrise Buildings. 

The Static Rooms can use 18W while the Rooms with more human traffic can go for Higher wattage upto 36W/48W 

What ever the size, shape or the budget we can deliver the complexity or simplicity to ensure better disinfection and continuous overall Sterile environment. 



The Raypure CDS Non-UV Continuous Disinfection Indoor  Lighting system were Installed in Oliva Skin & Hair Clinics, Satva Technologies, Yashoda Hospitals & few banks.

The Baseline microbial load in air was measured with Settle-plate method. The Raypure30 was lit for 1hr. From the Cleaned up air microbial load sample was collected. After 24 hrs incubation the Microbial load was observed to be reduced by 78% in one hour from 32CFU/plate  to 6CFU