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95% Reduction

Covid Virus


Made for Real Long Life
Models & Ratings

Started by Scientist Engineer from IISc /BARC / CEL making LEDs since 45 yrs Raypure is the product perfected over time.

We understand & implemented how to elevate LEDs life to 5+ years, as compared to Market norm of 1 year.​

We understand the thermal management, heat being critical enemy of the LEDs. We enhanced the life of the LEDs through limiting the current of the LEDs to that is far far lower than the industry norm.

While the Commercial Lights are made in Plastic, they are no match to our Pressure DieCast Aluminium & MCPCBs. with Failproof LED drivers.

The Raypure Disinfection systems come in various convenient physical formats & electrical ratings, suitable for, say,  Large Hospital that needs the built in integrated controls, cluster level app or a  simple to operate model for Doctors consulting Room environment or Lifts in Highrise Buildings. 

The Static Rooms can use 18W while the Rooms with more human traffic can go for multiple Lights of higher wattage upto 36W/48W.

What ever the size, shape or the budget we can deliver the complexity or simplicity to ensure optimum disinfection and continuous overall Sterile environment

The Raypure CDS Non-UV Continuous Disinfection Indoor  Lighting system were Installed in Oliva Skin & Hair Clinics, Satva Technologies, Yashoda Hospitals Police HQ & few banks.

The Anti-Microbial Effectiveness in their premises was practically demonstrated to the Clients onsite. Baseline microbial load in air was collected on Media plate under Settle-plate method. Then Raypure Disinfection was lit for 1 hour. From the resulting Purified air microbial sample was collected again. The Microbes collected get cultured in 24 hrs incubation at 350C. The differnece in Microbial load was observed to be reduced by 78% for just one hour of Exposure, from 32CFU  to 6 CFU/plate.

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