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RAYPURE-Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How does Raypure disinfection light works?

Answer: Germs & Bacteria are killed by Ultraviolet Rays Which are Hazardous & Cancerous to Humans. However, there are Safer Rays within the Visible Rays (VIBGYOR: Violet, Indigo, Blue, green, Yellow, Orange, Red) the Far end Blue region has the power to Kill the Germs, Bacteria & Virus Photo-Catalytic Action limited only to the Non Mammalaian cells.

These Antimicrobial Light (AML) wavelengths are not found in Incandescent Bulbs, Tube lights nor the CFL lights and not even in the LED Lights.  To produce a White illumination Lights with Anti-Microbial properties needs that these AML ray source has to be integrated into these Lights. 

During the Worst Pandemic ever known in Human History, our 35 years of Technology Experience & Research, has Inspired us to find ways to create a Light that can Continuously Disinfect the Ambient air off the Air Borne Bacteria – resulting the invention of RAYPURE has created LEDs that emit the Illumination Light combined with Bactericidal Rays.

Yes, RAYPURE is the only General-purpose Light created with a Spectral Component of Antimicrobial Light (AML). Here is how it works:

  • The Bacteria & Pathogen Cells carry associated Porphyrins (and fortunately, not found in Mammalian Cells).  The Reactive Oxide Species (ROS) is produced through Photo-Catalytic action on Porphyrins

  • (ROS) a killer that destroys the Bacteria through multiple fronts such as Breakage of cell wall in both gram positive and gram-negative bacteria & Inactivation of bioactivity of lipopolysaccharides (in E.coli etc), 

  • ROS causes Oxidative stress on lipids like in Corona/Flu Virus (forming the Malondialdehyde), & High Crosslinked Proteins, and Gnomically acting, creates Oxidative Stress in RNA/DNA & Activation of Prophage Genes. You can realise that we are bringing to you a highly researched and well understood Photo-Germicidal process capability to your Safe Home Lighting.


Q 2. Do you have certification that it works on Covid virus?

Answer:  Raypure Disinfection lights are certified by India’s Apex lab that (on which even the MHA-ICMR depends), the CCMB (Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology), Hyderabad under CSIR (Centre for Scientific & Industrial Research) – Ministry of Science & Technology.

The tests at CCMB BSL3 Lab on SARS CoV2 Live Virus, resulted that Raypure lights caused 98% viral reduction within span of just 30 to 90 minutes.


Q 3. Do you have certification that it works on airborne bacteria and other microbial’s?

Answer:  Yes. Leading Bio-Pharmaceutical Lab HORIZON in Hyderabad conducted several Tests on Germicidal Effect of RAYPURE Lights on the Airborne Microbial Mix floating in the ambient air. Just one of Exposure with Raypure light resulted in 70-80% reduction in ambient Microbial Load. This test was replicated by ‘Settle Plate Method’ in several locations at multiple customer premises, have confirmed & reproduced the results in the lab.

Most Hospitals & Sterile Pharma makers & Food processing industries have in-house Microbiologists and the test can be verified independently.

The Users May please note that the disinfection Mechanism in RAYPURE is well established in Scientific Phenomenon. We with our technology have invented a LED and made it available to pandemic harassed population & health warriors in a extremely easy-to-use-FORM, at low or near zero running cost.      


Q 4. Is it safe for human beings?

Answer: Raypure is certified to have completely harmless light to human being & any other living beings devoid of UVA, UVB, UVC or infrared. This is certified bye MS University Baroda, after examining the components of the wavelengths emitted by RAYPURE.

Similarly, 158 all-UK-qualified-Dermatologists, India’s largest team at Oliva Skin Clinics Have Deployed the RAYPURE for over three months in Skin Clinics, and verified and certified that skin is in no way affected by the radiation of Raypure Disinfection Lights.

It is well-established fact that Raypure’s light is purely limited to visible light range and is harmless to human beings. Its harmful only to the Microbials, just the way our antibiotics destroys the bacterium in our bodies.


Q 5. What is the life of Raypure disinfection light and how affordable is the cost?

Answer: Raypure Non-UV Disinfection Light LEDs have a rated life of over 5 years. The design is achieved through use of Aluminium structure in place of Plastic, and use of LEDs Chips of several times higher ratings, and proprietary Chip Bonding & packaging technology.

As a result, the RAYPURE Lights cost equivalent of just one Cup of COFFEE for one month.


Q 6. How much power does Raypure consume?

Answer:  Net Zero Power! Yes, it’s true. Why? Since a 18W Raypure replaces an existing 18W light, there is no extra power needed for Raypure light. As an added benefit, Raypure does the removal of infections quietly & invisibly.


Q 7. What wattage do you recommend for a normal household room?

Answer: Raypure Lights are available in all the standard commercial wattages and Shapes & sizes. We recommend 18W RAYPURE to start with. 18W Raypure can bring down the ambient microbial load by 70% in a 200sft room.

A 18W Raypure can also sanitize bigger rooms, taking a little extra time.


Q 8. Will it be effective if the room is larger?

Answer: Yes, Raypure is effective even in larger room since it’s primary action is to Sterilise the Air. Raypure removes infectious microbials from the air, first. This cleaned up air instantly circulates and spreads quickly to all parts of the room, thereby picking up any dry bacteria behind your furniture and causes it to be destroyed by the Raypure lighting. This way, in 1 to 3 hours the room air is cleaned and within 2-4 days the unreachable corners of the room will get sterile, something that daily mopping or UV lighting cannot achieve.

We normally recommend 18 Watts of Raypure light to begin with.


Q 9. Which places will get maximum benefit of Raypure Disinfection Lighting?

Answer: In many gated communities the maid servants are not allowed to use the main Elevators, to stop any outside carriers. Installing Raypure Disinfection Light in each lift will keep the lift sterile and eliminates residual infections. Same applies to corridors where users are not easily identifiable.

Similarly, we are worried that our spouse going to office, may bring back undesirable infections from office, with Raypure you will have healthy and safe atmosphere in offices which enable to enhance the productivity of staff and prevent work halts, being affected by mandatory Quarantine absence.

Now that the schools are being reopened, we are also worried to send us children to school. Yet, 2 to 4 lights in every classroom ensure sterile environment for all eight hours of the school.

Same holds for all crowded places Like Restaurants, Malls, Shops, Theatres and Waiting Areas in Hospitals, Railway Stations and in Public Vehicles, AC Railway Coaches etc.


Q 10. How do we actually use Raypure?

Answer: Put ON at least one 18W Raypure light & leave it ON for 3-4 hrs in each room, using a user-friendly hook provided on backside. Needs just one nail nearest to your two-pin socket. To avoid glare, hang it at height of 6-7 feet.

Life of Raypure lights lasts for over 5+ years, Purchasing Raypure means investing in Health Insurance with complete Umbrella of safe & healthy life from any kind of microbial infections in future.

Q 11. Can we replace all my general lights with Raypure Lights?

Answer:  More the Power or more the lights, Faster the rate of Sterilisation.

Yes, it is advisable to replace all the lights for places like Offices, Malls, Restaurants etc, where people are constantly streaming in, and loading the internal environment with fresh pathogen. 




India’s First CCMB validated Non-UV ‘safe-to-humans’ Disinfecting Lighting which does not need to evacuate the people from the room (unlike with UVC lights).

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