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Innovative Contactless Disinfection “create your own ZERO INFECTION ZONE at cost of LED light”

Raypure is disruptive technology made with scholarly combination of micro-bio technology, organic chemistry & innovative LED packaging process – made possible only with the unique machinery at our India’s sole LED ATMP plant.

Raypure’s effectiveness in eradication of COVID-19 virus ( SARS-CoV-2 ) is already demonstrated at Mount Sinai hospital lab in New York.-70% in one hour, 99% in eight hours at 0.6mW/cm2.

Now Indian ICMR approved CSIR-CCMB lab has tested Raypure non-UV light, recording a viral reduction of 45% in 15 mins, and 98% in 60 mins.

While the anti-bacterial property is simple to verify with settle plate method on media plates, and has shown microbial reduction of 60% to 80%, in varying locations & varying congestion.

Raypure is state of art invention for in-situ, dynamic, perpetual mode of disinfection process, available 24 hours daily, all through the year. It’s user- friendly needing just a flick of a switch.

We can support anti-bacterial field tests in your establishments-be it at Hospitals, Pharma CleanRooms, Schools, Crowded Restaurants, Lodgings, Residential and Commercial tenements.

Raypure helps hospitals to eliminate fungus, MRSA type hospital acquired infections which saves them from expensive claims.

We assure to deliver best anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal effectiveness.

*Did you know Airborne droplets travel 100feet ! *

Size of Droplets containing infected Virus/ Bacteria obey Gaussian rule, that is 99.7% are large & heavy, but rest 0.3% can be so small , can travel 100ft carrying just single virus.

ICMR-CSIR-CCMB has certified that RAYPURE removes 95% Covid Virus within 60mins.

Raypure removes 60-80% Bacteria & Fungus in air with just 1 hour’s illumination.

Raypure doubles up as a light.


SAFE bhi & SIMPLE Bhi.

Designed for 5-10 yrs Service.

No moving parts, No filters that clog, No Chemical, No UV, NO IR.

Raypure Disinfection is FIT & FORGET - Zero Maintenance, Zero Consumable, Zero Labor

COVID is by now ascertained to be spreading as airborne only. So traditional methods of Scrubbing, Hypochlorite spray and surface cleaning are not much effect to stop the spread. Y

our infra needs a simple solution to make the Atmosphere in the ClassRooms SAFE from Infections on continuous basis & To assure the students & the seniors in the staff of verified Sanitised ambience, all at the cost of the light. The results can be demonstrated on the site even with one hour deployment. Verified at Yashoda, Oliva, & few banks.- Vijayakumar Gupta.

Raypure is pioneer in LED production in India since three decades headed by Scientist Engineer Gold Medalist from IISc.

Raypure DISRUPTIVE TECH product ‘Raypure’ that DISINFECT even as it LIGHTS UP the INDOORS round the clock.

NO NEED TO EVACUATE the occupants, be it Homes, Offices, Schools, Hospital OT or ICUs, Pharma CleanRooms, Malls, Cafeterias, Metro Coach or crowded Elevators it alleviates the need for evacuation of rooms either to protect occupants from UV rays or from toxic chemicals found in sanitizers & fumigation.

The Virucidal & Germicidal Power technology is Blended with your cieling lights. ‘YOU CAN SEE YOUR BACTERIA’ - The test report by NABL lab is attached below. Raypure is Being tested by CCMB for effectiveness on SARS-CoV-2 directly.

It’s a smart invention for PROTECTING YOUR LOVED ONES 24 by 7 daily all through the year.

Call us for field tests in your establishments - be it at Hospitals or in your lifts in residential/commercial property.

We have the competence & knowledge to obtain complete Anti-viral & Anti-Fungal control - to eliminate Black Fungus and similar MRSA/ Hospital Acquired Infections - thereby protect the Hospital from customers claims / Liabilities.

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