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All Healthcare Professionals understand the critical importance of maintaining high sterility levels in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Office goers & Students too are prone to pickup respiratory illnesses in ill ventilated Offices & Class rooms.

Reducing Cross Infections from Airborne Diseases 

Airborne diseases, such as Flu, Covid, TB etc pose significant risks within healthcare environments. These infections can spread rapidly, affecting patients, healthcare workers, and visitors alike. Traditional infection control methods often fall short in preventing the transmission of airborne pathogens. 


Continuous Disinfection Systems – The Game-changing Solution:

Disinfection is Innovatively built into Common Lighting system, its designed to tackle airborne pathogens effectively, harmlessly unlike the UVC. 

1.  This Patented Device is potent against the worst of the Viruses.

2.  Certified for Virucidal & Germicidal effectiveness by CCMB, MS University-Baroda, University of New South Wales -Australia, Horizon Labs, Oliva Skin Clinics and many hospitals & Govt Buildings.

3.  Zero Recurring Costs: Unlike traditional methods that require frequent overhaul or replacement of filters/consumables, Continuous Disinfection Systems have no moving parts & they provide continuous protection for 5 to10 years. They use the existing lamp’s power when retrofitted. 

4.  Airborne Pathogen Control: These systems use advanced technologies non-UV human-safe Antibacterial Light aBL  to continuously destroy airborne viruses, bacteria, and fungi. By doing so, they drastically reduce the risk of cross infections. 

5.  Efficiency: Continuous Disinfection Systems work silently in the background, ensuring surfaces, air, and water remain disinfected without needing to evacuate the ICUs or OT’s nor disrupting daily operations. Hospitals can focus on patient care while maintaining a 24/7 sterile environment. 

6.  Reduced Risk of HAI/SSI: Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAI) and Surgical Site Infections (SSI) are major concerns. Continuous Disinfection Systems significantly reduce the risk through Human-safe Anti Bacterial Lighting (aBL). 

7.            Customer Satisfaction: By implementing such advanced technology, hospitals can proudly inform their international and local customers about their successful demonstrable implementation of safety and infection control. 

The Genesis of Raypure

The PATENTED Raypure Disinfection Lighting  Or  Antibiotic Light , (  is invented and produced by LEDchip Indus P Ltd belonging to Kwality Photonics Group,  India’s Leader & Expertise spanning 40 yrs, and Sole Producer of LEDs since 35yrs (1987). This Revolutionary innovation in preventive Healthcare technique is invention by Founder Sri K Vijaya Kumar Gupta,  Serial Entrepreneur, a Gold Medalist, Scientist- Engineer, academically linked with IISc (Bangalore), Tata R&D, BARC (Laser Division), TIFR (Semiconductor Division), and having professionally served as Scientist at Central Electronics Ltd (Solar & LED Divisions). He has more than 4 decades of experience in creating & producing the LED Semiconductor packages  of Bespoke Spectrum LEDs applied for UVC Disinfection, Safe (Non-UV) Disinfection, Horti-Grow Lighting, Hospital & Industrial Curing, Insect-trap LED, Skin treatment, Medical-Health-Wellness, Circadian & Mood lighting LEDs. 


Raypure technology is verified in NewYork Mt Sinai Hospital  on Sars CoV2 virus, achieving 99.9% efficacy in few hours.Raypure has advantage over UVC since it “kills” the SARS-CoV-2 ( validated at CSIR-CCMB, Hyderabad), where as UVC just break the DNA of Virus. UVC  is cancerous to Human, while Raypure does not need evacuation of Human Occupants, Visitors or Pets when you switch your home lighting to the Raypure. ( certified by MS University).

In Hospitals, ICUs, Ots, Raypure removes the dangerous MRSA, Staph, Fungus, Virus & Germs.

“RayPure” is the only innovative product developed by Indian Scientists, produced under Make in India movement, having no competitor, as on date, in India & across the globe.

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