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It is no longer a secret that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's long hospitalization was caused by an infection following prostate cancer surgery at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

However, the effectiveness of the national effort to radically reduce health care-associated infections is as unclear, if not truly a mystery, as the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals.

The CDC declares that preventing HAIs is a “top priority”, as they can have “devastating effects on physical, mental/emotional, and financial health…”[and] “It cost the health care system billions of dollars in additional expenses.”

Nonetheless, the most recent CDC hospital survey assessing the prevalence of HAIs was in 2015. Even taking into account the disruption caused by the Covid pandemic, this doesn't seem like a “top priority”.

It appears that Secretary Austin's infection was caused by urine leakage, a rare but known surgical complication. The more common category of catheter-associated urinary tract infections is one of seven infection types tracked by the CDC as part of a larger federal infection-reduction effort. Unfortunately, the annual CDC progress report omits or minimizes important information related to the success or failure of that effort. PS: NOW RAYPURE OFFERS ASSURED SOLUTION to HAI's. Simply, replace the Existing LED lights with RAYPURE Lights. Raypure CDS Non-UV Continuous Disinfection Lighting is available in every size & wattage to match the existing Lighting.

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