Solutions for keeping Hospitals & Clinics Safe

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LEDchip Indus P Ltd is Manufacturer of High-Reliability SMD LEDs - by fully automatic LEDs processes under Class10K Dust-free Airconditioned environment. 

Our plant located at Hyderabad is engaged in manufacturing of SMD Power LED’s used in multifarious applications. We LEDChip Indus Private Ltd supply Consistent quality SMD LEDs at competitive prices, by leveraging our experience in LED processes & with our reliable rawmaterial supplychain.

We also cater to production of various types of Color LEDs, and LEDs for Indoor Farming / Horticulture-Hydroponics, Medical Treatment of Vitiligo, Tanning, generating Vitamin-D, Bilirubin treatment, Wellness Lighting, HumanCentric Lighting, Industrial Curing of Inks & Adhesives, Fluorescence-NDT, RO-UV units, Insect traps, Fish Catch enhancement, Pisciculture, as well as UVA & UVC LEDs for Air & Water Disinfection..  .... for info Clickhere

With Years of Experience in Lighting Industry and support from BITs Pilani - LEDchip Indus has come up with solution how to tackle Various Bacteria and Virus using LEDs of selected Spectral characteristics and optical properties. The Raypure systems are validated / certified by Country's Biggest labs.

LEDchip Indus supports the EU-H2020 project in India to supply Drinking water & recycled water to communities by using combination of lowcost technologies and the UV.

Now through Raypure CDS, we have completely simplified YOUR DISINFECTION PROCESS. Take your fist step to convert your establishment into a GERMFREE ZONE -    Write to us Now